XTS 2500

Manufacturer: Motorola
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XTS 2500 Brochure

XTS 2500 Spec Sheet

Superior Audio Quality

The XTS 2500 portable radio incorporates Motorola’s Noise Shield analog and
digital noise reduction technology to accurately fi lter out the caller’s voice from
background noise. Virtually eliminating ambient background noise from radio
transmissions* and improving user safety by making sure transmissions are not
only heard, but clearly understood.

Status / Message Capabilities
Use the XTS 2500 portable radio models with display and keypad to send
pre-programmed messages back to the dispatcher without having to use
voice communication.

Advanced Emergency Functionality

  • Emergency Keep Alive ensures your emergency call is not dropped even if the radio power switches OFF.
  • Emergency with voice to follow will allow you to communicate without having to press the PTT button.
  • In Digital mode, other users in your talk group hear an alert and see your ID in their display when an emergency call is initiated.

Available in 4 Hardware Models With Increased Channel Capacity

  • Basic model (Model I) – 48 channels.
  • Model with a display (Model I.5) – 96 channels.
  • Model with display and navigation buttons (Model II) – 870 channels.
  • Model with display and full keypad (Model III) – 870 channels.

Motorola System Interoperability
Ability to communicate with many different systems using just one radio:
Motorola’s SMARTNET®, SmartZone™, and ASTRO 25 systems are all
within reach.

Audible Channel Announcement
Channel Announcement allows the user to navigate through channels/
talk-groups in the radio while an audible, pre-recorded voice fi le provides a
description of the selected channel or talk-group.


  • Operates on P25 Analog and Digital Trunked Systems 
  • Meets Military Specs 810 C, 810 D, 810 E and 810 F, For Resistance to Shock and Extreme Weather 
  • Supports USB and RS-232 Functionalities 
  • Noise Reduction Software and Audio Gain Control  
  • 16 Position Selectable Rotary Knob 
  • 3 Programmable Side Buttons 
  • 6 Line, Twelve Character Full Bitmap Display 
  • Top Mounted Emergency Button
  • Three Programmable Software Menu Buttons
  • Ergonomically Recessed PTT
  • IP67 Rating: temporarily immersible to a depth of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes 
  • Advanced Emergency Functionality
  • Data Capability

Frequency Range:

  • VHF:       136–174 MHz
  • UHF1:     380–470 MHz
  • UHF2:     450–520 MHz
  • 700/800:  764–870MHz  

Available Models:

  • Model I: Basic, with no display
  • Model I.5: Large bitmap display
  • Model II: Large bitmap display and navigation buttons
  • Model III: Large bitmap display and full keypad


    PTT Button
    On/Off Volume Knob
    Programmable Orange Emergency Button
    16 Position Top Mounted Rotary Knob
    3 Position Concentric Switch
    Programmable Monitor Button
    2 Programmable Side Buttons
    Transmit LED Indicator
    No Keypad
    No Display
    Up to 48 Channels


    MODEL I.5
    Same as XTS Model I Plus:
    Large Bitmap Display
    2 Lines of Icons
    2 Lines of Text with 12 Characters Per Line
    Status Icons Including Battery & Received Signal Strength Indicator
    96 Channels


    Same as XTS Model I Plus:
    870 Channels
    Dial from Pre-stored Lists
    Programmable soft keys for easy access to radio menu
    Backlit Keypad
    3 Soft Keys
    3 Naviagation Keys
    Large Bitmap Display
    2 Lines of Icons
    4 Lines of Text with 12 Characters per Line
    Status Icons including Battery and Received Signal Strength Indicator


    Same as XTS Model I Plus:
    870 Channels
    Dial from Pre-stored Lists or Direct Entry
    Programmable Soft Keys for easy access to radio menu
     Backlit Keypad
     3 Soft Keys
     3 Navigation Keys
     4 x 3 Alphanumeric Keypad
     Large Bitmap Display
     2 Lines of Icons
     4 Lines of Text with 12 Characters per Line
     Status Icons including Battery & Received Signal Strength Indicator


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