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This advanced mobile radio uses technologies that offer true adaptability and greater control. The XTL 5000 Project 25 (P25) digital radio provides unrelenting quality reliably and performance in the most demanding environments. The XTL 5000 digital mobile radio is currently in use by over 280,000 mission critical users world-wide. Engineered to maximize communications today. When life gets critical, get mission critical control with the XTL 5000 digital mobile radio.

Powerful enough to support multiple analog and digital communication protocols, including SMARTNET®, SmartZone™ and ASTRO 25 systems, and innovative IP based voice and data features. This Project 25 compliant mobile radio can skillfully expand to meet your two-way radio needs today and tomorrow.

The XTL 5000 digital mobile radio increases your capabilities today to seamlessly communicate beyond borders, migrate from legacy systems and prepare for the next generation of IP based mobile applications, including location services and text messaging; all with the same ASTRO 25 interoperable mobile radio. Exclusively from Motorola, the leading provider of mission-critical communications for public safety.

  • 1000 Channels, Digital/Analog Operation
  • P25 Compliant Interoperability
  • Multi-encryption Capabilities—AES and Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR)
  • Field Upgradeable via FLASHport™Technology
  • Power Levels:
    • 10–50 Watt (136–174MHz)
    • 10–40 Watt (380–470 MHz)
    • 10–45 Watt (450–520 MHz)
    • 10–35 Watt (764–870MHz)
  • Backwards and forwards compatible with many ASTRO Spectra/MCS 2000 accessories (including DEK)
  • Supports W series Control Heads:
    • Dash Mount
    • Remote Mount Capable
    • Motorcycle
    • Multi Control Head
  • Hardware Based Advanced System Key Support
  • GPS and ASTRO 25 Outdoor Location Services
  • ASTRO 25 Text Messaging
  • Programming Over Project 25 (POP25)


  • VHF: 136–174MHz
  • UHF: 403–470MHz
  • 450–520MHz
  • 700/800MHz: 764–870MHz 

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