Temple Transducer

Manufacturer: Motorola


Users receive audio without covering the ear. The receiver portion of this accessory rests on the temples. The sound vibration is transmitted through the surrounding human tissue and bone directly into the inner ear where it is received and process by the user. Features high performance bone vibration speakers for clear audio reception in noisy environments.

Product Features:

• Ultra modern lightweight headset
• Worn behind the head, allows the user to receive audio without covering the ear
• Bone Conduction Technology is now extremely affordable
• The “behind-the-neck” style makes it comfortable for extended wear
• Can be worn with hats or helmets settings
• Noise-canceling in-line microphone with replaceable windscreen
• Boasts a high-tech design
• In-line PTT with clothing clip
• Specially designed for use in in retail, education, hospitality, tourism, healthcare   and events management

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