Low Band Base Station/Repeater

Manufacturer: Motorola


This product is designed for easy installation with your existing Base Stations or Repeaters. Now it’s easy to enhance the coverage area of your Motorola CDM Series mobile two-way radio system. Adding this convenient Base Interface Package gives users a much needed extended coverage area, which can increase Radio Frequency output up to 100W. A range that’s ideal for multiple job sites, rural utility services or countywide 911 and public safety applications. The Base Interface Package can be used as a base station or repeater by adding a controller in the bracket on the mounting panel.

Base Interface Package Includes:

  • 31" x 15" Cabinet (includes hinged mounting tray for CDM Series mobile(s) and related accessories)
  • 120W Amplifier
  • 120 VAC 60 Hz Power Supply with Battery Revert Capability
  • Assembly Kit
  • Service Manual

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