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What is the MURS frequency band?
The MURS frequency band consist of five VHF shared frequencies designated for private, two-way, short distance voice or data communications for personal or business activities within the United States for which no individual station licenses are required. There is no frequency coordination or license requirement for the use of radio transceivers on MURS frequencies. These channels are available for use on a “shared” basis by the general public.

While there is no licensing requirement for MURS operation, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does define certain rules and regulations related to the use of radio transmitters on MURS frequencies. These rules are identified within Part 95 under Title 47 of the US Code of Federal Regulations.

MURS Frequencies

  • 151.820 MHz
  • 151.880 MHz
  • 151.940 MHz
  • 154.570 MHz
  • 154.600 MHz

Standard Package Includes:

  • 2200 mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Batery
  • 3-Hour Drop-In Charging Tray
  • Power Supply Adaptor
  • Removable AC Pin
  • Spring Belt Clip
  • User's Guide
  • Safety Leaflet
  • 1 (one) Year Limited Warranty

Product Features:

  • No Individual Station Frequency License Required
  • 2W Power
  • 3 Voice-Inversion Scramble
  • Channel Scan with Selectable Scan List
  • 3 Audible Call Tones
  • VOX
  • 5 Fixed MURS Frequencies

CP110 Display Model Features:

  • Up to 8 Channels
  • 5 Configurable Buttons
  • Battery Gauge
  • Signal Strength Indicator
  • Keypad Lock
  • iVOX
  • Channel Aliasing (up to 8 characters)

CP110 Non-Display Features :

  • 2 Channels
  • 2 Configurable Buttons
  • Auto-Scan

Configurable Buttons:

  • Call Tones
  • Monitor
  • Scramble
  • Scan/Nuisance Channel Delete

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