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Manufacturer: Motorola
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APX 7000 Spec Sheet

APX 7000 operates in multiple bands and meets P25 public safety specifications for seamless multi-agency collaboration.

2-In-1 Radio
APX 7000 operates in any of 2 bands (VHF/UHF R1 or 700/800 MHz) and acts as two radios in one. Public safety officials can now reduce the amount of
equipment responders must carry and maintain.

The new two-sided ergonomic design was developed based on extensive user input. Available in optional colored housings, APX is rugged and easy to use in
extreme environments.

Superior Audio Quality
The APX 7000 is the loudest Motorola portable available on the market. Dual speakers enable extremely loud, bi-directional audio when needed. It is equipped with Motorola’s Noise Reduction Software (NRS) and dual microphones that virtually eliminate ambient background noise from radio transmissions, and improves user safety by making sure transmissions are not only heard, but are clearly intelligible.

Advanced Emergency Functionality
Motorola offers several Advanced Emergency features to assist in keeping mission critical users safe. When an emergency call is initiated; other users in a talk group will hear an alert and see the ID in their display. The Emergency Keep Alive feature ensures your emergency call is not dropped even if the radio power switches OFF. The Emergency with Voice to Follow feature allows communication without
pressing the PTT button if needed. Motorola’s APX portable radios deliver exceptional performance by combining advanced voice and data technology with legendary Motorola quality.

APX is backwards and forwards compatible with Motorola SmartNet®, SmartZone® and ASTRO 25 systems and offers future expandability for developing technologies.

APX 7000 supports P25 Phase 1 and is upgradeable to support P25 Phase 2 to offer better spectrum utilization and double voice capacity using existing frequencies.

Data Capability
The APX 7000 is Integrated Voice & Data ready. With the ability to send and receive data through your trunking or conventional system infrastructure, APX is ideal for text messaging, and can be used as an RF modem. Programming over Project 25 (POP25) allows the radio configuration to be accessed and updated over the air. APX also comes equipped with an integrated GPS Receiver for outdoor location tracking.

Advanced Encryption
APX7000 raises the bar on two-way radio security offering FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification. It includes the simplicity of both Infrastructure and Tactical Over the Air
Rekeying (OTAR).

Customer Programming Software
The APX radios utilize new and enhanced CPS software that is user friendly and provides increased speed and efficiency. The Built-in Codeplug Comparator
allows easy diagnostics of codeplug differences. The Customizable Views feature allows users to see only the codeplug fields they are interested in. An Undo/Redo function makes changes easy. With Improved Help access the CPS automatically stays in synch with the user’s selections.



  • Universal Push-to-Talk
    • Enlarged Push-to-Talk button with enhanced grooves is easy to access and simple to operate.
    • Provides optimal tactility for right or left hand use.
  • T-Grip
    • The T-Grip design provides an enhanced slip-free grip and a wider control top area for increased knob spacing and differentiation in a seamless eyes-off, hands-on operation.
  • Dual-Battery Latch
    • The dual-battery latch system is designed for increased stability and is easy to secure with its Commercial ‘Power Tool’ style loading.
  • Accessory Connector
    • New portable accessory connector utilizes the IMPRES™ audio technology. It is extremely durable and offers increased intelligence for enhanced accessories.


  • Two-Sided Design
    • Enhanced ergonomic design features a large color display, loud audio speaker and an enlarged keypad. Ideal for both voice and data communications.
  • Top Display
    • An 8-character visible display, presenting 32-character zone/channel data, provides information at a quick glance.
  • Large Color Display
    • High contrast color display with impact and scratch resistance is enhanced for legibility in all lighting conditions and durable in mission critical environments.
  • Enlarged Keypad
    • Keypad with increased spacing enables easy navigation, improved numeric input and better visibility.


  • Dual Speakers
    • Dual sided speakers for optimized communication in both voice and data environments. The custom loud speakers reproduce speech dynamics for superior intelligibility in most environments.
  • Dual Microphones
    • Dual-microphones with directional-sensing technology locates the talker and engages sophisticated algorithms in noisy or windy environments for clear communications.

Frequency Range:

  • VHF:         136-174 MHZ
  • UHF1:       380-470 MHz
  • UHF2:       450-520 MHz
  • 700/800:   764-870 MHz


Up to 96 channels
Universal Push-to-Talk
Dual Battery Latch
Orange emergency button
16 position rotary knob
2 position concentric switch
3 position toggle switch
3 programmable side buttons
Transmit LED indicator
Full Bitmap Top Display
- 1 line of icons
- 1 line x 8 characters of text
No keypad


Same as APX Top Display Model Plus:
1250 channels
Dial from pre-stored lists or free-form entry
Programmable soft keys for easy access to radio menus
Backlit Keypad
-Home and Data buttons
-3 soft keys
-4 direction navigation key
-4 x 3 keypad
Full Bitmap Display
-2 lines of icons
-4 lines x 14 characters of text
-Status icons

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