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    4 Mar 2014
  • Like us on Facebook

    18 Feb 2014

    Welcome to Inter-County Communications! We are happy to now offer our products and award winning customer service to you online. Check out our new facebook page. We are adding photos each week of our installs!

    We look forward to servicing our loyal customers and hope to create many new customer realtionships.

    We offer HGAC pricing!


Featured Products

  •   ICC209-1100 mAh NiCD Battery 7.2V
    Add to Cart Our Price: $48.80
    Premium Nickel Cadmium battery with screw on belt clip
  •   Remote Speaker Microphone (Waterproof)
    Add to Cart Our Price: $75.00
    Waterproof Remote speaker microphone with Windporting technology enhances the audio quality of your two-way radios and provides greater operational flexibility to transmit and receive messages, without ever lifting the radio out of its carry case. Includes coiled cord and swivel clothing clip.
  •   CT-68 Duplexer Installation Cable Kit
  •   CDR500-Repeater Housing-Wall Mount
    Add to Cart Our Price: $0.00
    As your business grows and changes, your communication requirements expand too. Available in lowband, UHF and VHF frequencies, the Motorola CDR500 repeaters suit a wide variety of applications and can be integrated with your existing infrastructure to meet your needs.
  •   Low Band Base Station/Repeater
    Add to Cart Our Price: $0.00
    Base/Repeater Interface Package
  •   MTR2000
    Add to Cart Our Price: $0.00
    Motorola's MTR 2000 Station/Repeater/Receiver is a continuous-duty analog base/repeater station for use on both conventional and trunking systems in the VHF, UHF, and 800 and 900 MHz bands. Onboard self-testing and a microprocessor-based design keeps system up-time at a maximum.
  •   EX560 XLS
    Add to Cart Our Price: $0.00
    Designed to operate in the harshest of outdoor environments, Motorola's EX560 XLS two-way radio delivers exceptional quality, performance, durability and reliability, keeping users in contact when conditions turn rough. This compact, rugged radio is built for durability — with IP67 specifications for protection against water and dust intrusion. 
  •   XTS 1500
    Add to Cart Our Price: $0.00
    When your community’s well-being is at stake, you can count on the XTS® 1500 digital portable radio. Built for the demands of the public utility operations, the radio's advanced technology delivers high-powered features in a light, compact and rugged package. This radio allows your work groups to be prepared for the unexpected, respond immediately and offer the highest quality of service to the community.
  •   PTP 600 Series
    Add to Cart Our Price: $0.00
    The 600 Series of Point-to-Point wireless Ethernet bridges include both licensed solutions for the 2.5, 4.5, 4.8, and 4.9 GHz bands, which are dedicated to the license holders for the Educational Broadcast Service, NATO/Federal agencies and to Public Safety respectively, and unlicensed solutions in the 5.4, 5.8 and 5.9 GHz spectrum. These bridges offer high performance connectivity and backhaul in challenging non-line-of-sight environments.
  •   ICC4497 LI-ION 7.5V 2190 MAH
    Add to Cart Our Price: $85.00
    LI-ION 7.5V 2190 MAH BATTERY