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    4 Mar 2014
  • Like us on Facebook

    18 Feb 2014

    Welcome to Inter-County Communications! We are happy to now offer our products and award winning customer service to you online. Check out our new facebook page. We are adding photos each week of our installs!

    We look forward to servicing our loyal customers and hope to create many new customer realtionships.

    We offer HGAC pricing!


Featured Products

  •   ICC209-1100 mAh NiCD Battery 7.2V
    Add to Cart Our Price: $48.80
    Premium Nickel Cadmium battery with screw on belt clip
  •   Earbud w/Clip Microphone & PTT
    Add to Cart Our Price: $40.00
    This discrete yet simple earpiece with separate microphone/PTT is ideal for
    environments where discrete two-way communication is required within a
    customer facing environment.
  •   BPR 40
    Add to Cart Our Price: $233.00
    The Mag One by Motorola BPR 40 two-way radio offers a new choice of affordable communication with a complete assortment of accessories for radio customization. So when your customers select the BPR40, they will experience a reliable, easy to use two-way radio at a great value.
  •   Stubby UHF 3" Antenna, 440-470 MHz
    Add to Cart Our Price: $11.25
    Motorola Heliflex antennas are specifically engineered for maximum output and greatest communication coverage.
  •   Low Band Base Station/Repeater
    Add to Cart Our Price: $0.00
    Base/Repeater Interface Package
  •   XRC 9000-Trunking Controller for MOTOTRBO Connect Plus
    Add to Cart Our Price: $0.00
    The XRC 9000 controller operates the site resources on MOTOTRBO Connect Plus digital trunking systems to deliver extended coverage and expanded information for your mobile work teams.
  •   XPR 6380 SMARTNET/Privacy Plus Trunked
    Add to Cart Our Price: $0.00
    Combining the best of two-way radio with digital technology, the MOTOTRBO XPR 6380 digital portable radio delivers increased capacity, exceptional voice quality, extended battery performance and integrated data communication via the industry’s largest third party application developer program. MOTOTRBO is built to the globally recognized ETSI DMR Tier 2 standard.
  •   XTS 1500
    Add to Cart Our Price: $0.00
    When your community’s well-being is at stake, you can count on the XTS® 1500 digital portable radio. Built for the demands of the public utility operations, the radio's advanced technology delivers high-powered features in a light, compact and rugged package. This radio allows your work groups to be prepared for the unexpected, respond immediately and offer the highest quality of service to the community.
  •   PTP 100 Series
    Add to Cart Our Price: $0.00
    This series of bridges make use of Motorola's proprietary Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Broadband platform modulation scheme to deliver broadband connectivity across distances of up to 35 miles (56 kilometers). The PTP 100 Series is available in a broad range of frequencies (2.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.4 and 5.8 GHz) and are uniquely suited for delivering consistent throughput in Line-of-Sight (LoS) configurations.
  •   ICC4851 NIMH 7.5V 1400 MAH
    Add to Cart Our Price: $63.00
    Nickel Metal Hydride Battery 7.5V 1400 mAh